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Should I attempt TFR?

Hi friends:) My Haemotologist is wanting me go TFR. I am 2 years undetectable on 20 mg Dasatinib. I am somewhat hesitant as have heard is better to be at least 5 years MMR before attempting TFR as chance of relapse is much less. I feel my Haemotologist is pushing me a bit( to be fair,I have been quite a demanding patient), Your thoughts and advice greatly appreciated. 

You could try it but you can also wait.

Its important that you feel comfortable with the decision . If your hemo has suggested it then you fit the criteria for dose reduction.

I tried for years to get a hematologist who was interested in dose reduction/tfr, eventually i started it myself.

How did you go with it? How long were you undetectable before attempting it? Are you still in TFR? Thanks for your response:)

Tanya, it might be useful to look at this video from the CML SG Patient day 2 years ago. The title is "Reducing or stopping treatment - who and when?" Yes it is two years old, and some thinking may have moved on a bit. I hope that is useful. 

MMR since feb 2017
Dose reduction started July 2021

Just had my first test a few weeks ago, still undectable. Id have done it sooner but my docs were not keen and covid times weren't conducive.