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Holiday Insurance Advice

Hello All

I hope you're all safe and well.

I'm hoping to fly to Lanzarote early next year and will have to get travel insurance. Obviously due to my CML I will need one that covers my condition.

Any advice, hints, tips or recommendations would greatly appreciated. It will be my 1st holiday since my diagnosis in December 2020. Sorry...I'm so excited ☺☺☺

Many thanks in advance.

Deni x

I would doubt you'll get travel insurance to cover it.

Travel insurance works on the basis that you have coverage in a home country so that their only liability is to get you back to home country in the event of serious illness. Which is very very unlikely if you are within healthy blood parameters.

Here's a few examples from my experience:
- the country where i was dx was not the best heath system or equipment.
- i have good international health insurance yet I was expected to fly commercial with 100,000 wbc and over 2million platlets, where the risk of thombosis was significant. I did 8hr flight while half dead on hydroxycarbide and i was fine. The insurance refused medivac because i wasn't sick enough.
- dx was in july and by sept i felt i was pretty ok so i went for Sri Lanka for a month in December of that year. The doc checked my immune panel and i was fine so they said there was nothing keeping me in Europe.
- two weeks into the trip in sri lanka, i got massive eye bleeds and couldn't see through my left eye. I got a bit worried and after a month i flew back to Europe and got it checked out and eventually we got things sorted. The eye bleed would have happened had i been in sri lanka or Sussex.

I understand you might feel a little nervous, but i think you may be ober cautious. I'm guessing its a relatively short trip? Spanish healthcare is brilliant and reasonably cheap should anything happen but i would doubt that it will. I share my stories to show you that should anything go badly wrong (which i doubt it will) you will most likely be able to walk on a flight and go home and get treated.

Travel insurance is a subject which has been discussed many times over the years on this forum. This thread from 2017 is quite detailed, and mentions some specialist insurers who provided holiday travel cover at tolerable prices. Holiday cover of the sort you need for Lanzarote was certainly possible then.

However now UK has left the EU and and the EHIC card is not valid, so the situation will undoubtedly have changed. Given the pandemic I have not tried to travel abroad for a couple of years it will be another 12 months minimum before I consider it. If anyone has post Brexit experience of trying to find travel insurance I'm sure the forum would like to hear about it.

Thanks Alastair

As soon as I have more information I will post it here. 

I saw my Haematology Consultant on 1st September who told me I've started remission with my BCR / ABL down to 0.200. So we thought we would take the plunge as a belated honeymoon. We were married on 1st October 2020 and I was diagnosed on 14 December 2020 🙄🙄 


I used a company called Holiday Extras that covered me for most of Europe 3 months ago.

Thanks so much Christine 

I'll take a look at them

Much appreciated 

Deni x

Hi Deni

I used alpha travel insurance for my trips abroad but at the moment there in the process of changing there insurers, I can feel a large hike in insurance premium prices coming, and yet how is travelling abroad any more risky than life in are own country, restrictions have been lifted, crowds are back in football grounds, gyms are back open, majority aren’t wearing face masks, I presume you’ve had your vaccines, so, apart from if they had to fly you back home, if you’re outside enjoying the sunshine of lanzarote you’re safer than being inside on these cooler uk evenings. Good luck on your search, and enjoy the break!



just been talking to a fellow cml member and they recommended Avanti travel insurance.


Thanks so much Pete.

I'll check them out.

Deni x

Actually the EHIC card is one of the few things which has not changed.  If you have one, it’s still valid.  On renewal, you apply for a GHIC card now in the UK - which does the same thing as the old EHIC but for the UK “E” becomes “G”, which stands for Global (though it still is only valid in the EU…).

I’ve always taken the view with my CML that as I’m likely to have a good deal of notice before I have any CML related illness issue that stops me travelling, I don’t need cover for CML. So my travel insurance excludes that condition but covers all the usual things.  I suppose it’s conceivable that I could book something a long way in advance then find CML would stop me going but it’s never happened in 12 years.  I waited for my CML to settle down after diagnosis in 2009 but once it did, I’ve not been concerned about CML and travel insurance to cover it.  As others have said, there are some specialist insurers who will cover it and at a reasonable price I believe (and I’d go to one of them) but the typical insurers won’t or will only do so at an extortionate premium.  


I have come to this debate late but have contributed to previous discussions on Forum on this topic.

There are some well informed insurers out there who realise that CML is not the death sentence that it was 25 years ago and that it poses a very small risk of complications whilst on holiday or away on business.The responsible ones will ask you to engage in a medical screening prior to acceptance;if they offer not to cover CML then I suggest, as long as you are not travelling against medical advice, then it is not a big issue .If one has just been dx and not having reached MMR one might be more cautious.I dont know how their algorithms work but one needs to decalre all ones medical conditions because if you make claim they will want to access your medical records/conditions via you GP in UK.

Insurers will load previous heart conditions quite heavily (especially for travel to US) and even previous hypertension or a statin being taken might load it more than CML say.The biggest loading will be for age and the free insurance as part of bank or credit card deals might have cut off for age at 65 say and will certainly decline CML They also dont like previous spinal and lower back conditions.

I used World First on previous occasions but because of age guess the annual worldwide premium including USA might be up to £1000.

P.S.Some countries usually outside of Europe might insist on having Covid related cover should one contract the virus whilst in country-those countries though might be dangerous to visit at this time anyway.