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Nilotinib & CBD

Hi everyone, thank you for so much for this forum & your comments. This is my second post in 24 hours… I think I’m really struggling at the moment and honestly, thought maybe some of you  here can offer some suggestions regarding the CBD oil.

My reason for wanting to give it a go is to treat my new found unwanted companion - anxiety! The Nilotinib is doing its job - so I feel I should be in a good head space as a result. However I keep having these episodes of anxiety - over the pretty trivial (in the scheme of things) & they are quite troubling as the blood pressure spikes & now along with the raised cholesterol I’m a bit fearful. 

I’ve spoken to my GP, who referred me for counselling sessions, & honestly apart from a place to talk -  & given strategies to try when getting myself wound up - I’ve not felt any improvement. These strategies seem useless, when I really need them.

I do meditate & downloaded the shine app. Which give me more things to try when I’m not ok ..
But just feel I need more - or something to take the edge off .. 

I have read somewhere online however that CBD oil shouldn’t be used when your medication has a grapefruit warning ..I wondered if this is really the case . I thought perhaps there might just be not enough research to endorse its use with Nilotinib. Thanks again for this space to ask questions.




I don't know about cbd oil but here are some alternatives: you could use 5tp for mood. B12 and magnesium are also helpful, all of these you can take with your tki.

Are you able to excercise? That's really great for anxiety. Lastly all Benzodiaz├ępines can safely be taken with tkis.

I am not sure about the warning for CBD oil with medication that has a grapefruit warning. I have not read this but I imagine it's general over caution when it come to pharmaceuticals and natural derived substances like CBD etc. Try reading the article below which has an interesting, more nuanced, take on the whole subject of grapefruit and drug interactions.

If you are suffering from anxiety which is hard to control, then you might find some relief from 'alternative' or complimentary remedies. There have been many reports of CBD helping with anxiety and pain etc. 

If you are still worried about CBD you might try vaping (this bypasses the liver so will not interact with other drugs like nilotinib) and/or try a it in a transdermal form (rub the oil onto your skin) again bypassing the usual route, and see if that helps.

You could also try acupuncture - I find this is incredibly helpful for stress and anxiety amongst other health issues - or reflexology, massage therapy etc.

Hope you find an effective way to help yourself  overcome your anxiety,


Thanks for your reply EvaH 

I’ve been taking magnesium… I do have to be careful/ thoughtful about what else to add, due to the cholesterol concern just picked up - my only medication pre the CML was  pressure medication, I’d been on the same dose for 20 + years … I do lead a moderately active life style .. but will try to prioritise it more so. 

hope you are are well - take care 


Thanks for replying Sandy - I’m with you that perhaps there is just a very conservative view in existence regarding its use with a range of medications … CBD oil suitable for vaping is not yet available here in my country  .. but it can be sourced for applying to skin or the oral route - so I might look into its efficacy through the skin … do you happen to know any more about that? 
I do have weeks when I think I’ve overcome my new demons - but never confident any more that they aren’t just in the background waiting to pop out. So glad to be living, and still have much to look forward to, just taking more medication all the time sort of adds to the anxiety… 

Kind regards & hope you are well on your journey 

Hi Annie,

re the CBD transdermal route- I meant that one way you may avoid possible effects of drug interaction might be by using the CBD oil - capsules?- via the skin, you could pierce the capsule and rub the oil on your skin -say on the inside of your wrist. Hope this is helpful.

Do consider trying some kind of complimentary therapy such as acupuncture or homeopathy - although I know it can be expensive. Vit D at the optimal level is also good for mood/depression etc.


I've heard that it helps so that you can try it too. To begin with, I want to advise you not to treat this as something bad since people often associate marijuana only with a drug and ignore how many people it helps fight their diseases every day. In your case, I am sure that cannabis can reduce anxiety levels and help you stay calm in stressful situations. If your anxiety is too strong, I advise you to contact the company immediately to obtain a medical marijuana card. I use it to relieve the pain of arthritis, but I think that it will also be a great solution in the case of anxiety.

Hi there.   I was told my my oncologist at OHSU that cbd doesn’t let medication metabolize.    I use to be a Hemp/cbd farmer.   He told me I can use all the THC I wanted but not to do CBD.    I do THC oil myself. Helps me with my anxiety.  But it’s not for everyone.    

Hi Sherley 

Thank you for your reply. Your response supports the information I’ve found from other sources - I recall a conversation re this matter I was engaged in where the advice was not to use cbd with any medication that had a ‘grapefruit’ caution - such as Nilotinib. So I really get where you are coming from. Sherley this is still a bit confusing for me - so can you enlighten me a bit more, I do not have access to shop sellers of cbd products, as it’s still not easily accessible in my country, hence can’t ask questions there. I can access the oil made from marijuana, but I’m confused … would this still contain CBD? Can you tell me what the product is called that I contains the THC… If I google THC i mostly just interpret  the results as being about CBD oil… am I just confused, and they are one and the same … cause I don’t think so , as THC is the more ‘active’ part of Marijuana isn’t it ? I do appreciate any answers you could give me, thank you so much.

Hi so cbd and THC are different cannabinoids   There are over 100 different cannabinoids.  THC is the psychoactive.    CBD comes from a hemp plant and usually has small amounts of thc.  But very little.  There are other cannabinoids such as CbG, CBN etc.   THC comes from a marijuana plant.   They also contain small amounts of cbd,cbg etc.  But usually high amounts of THC.   THC can help with sleeping, nausea also helps people to eat that they don’t have an appetite.  Also in many cases it kills cancer cells.   There is a lot of research out there.  If you have access to thc oil. It will be mostly THC.  Very little cbd.  They do make oil such as RSO ( Rick Simpson oil) or FECO ( full extraction cannabis oil.  You can get 100% thc  they also have 50:50 blend cbd.  If you do buy one of oils.  They are usually in syringe.  They are very potent.  You start out with a rice size grain a day and can work your way up to stronger dose.  I use to take a gram a day.   Then i stopped one day Bc I moved and didn’t have access anymore.  I did make the medicine my self.   I also owned a 2 acre hemp farm too.  So I learned a lot.  Let me know if you have any more questions.  

Hi Sherley 

I certainly understand a bit more now than previously - thank you so much.