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Dry Mouth and dry eyes and intermittent fatigue on 20 MG Sprycel


Anybody have these sympromes on 20 mg Sprycel?  I have been on this dose for about a year now after switching from Tasigna 150MG.  I was on higher doses of Tasigna and had very bad dry mouth and swollen salivary glands, but dose reduction resolved this supposed side effect almost 4 years ago.

Hard to imaging this low a dose of Sprycel would cause these side effects. I was tested for Sjogren's Syndrome antibodies 4 years ago and was negative.

Yes, I also am on 20 mg Sprycel and I get the fatigue (intermittent) and the dry mouth and eyes. No swollen salivary glands.  I don't know why, but I tend to not blame the dry mouth and eyes on Sprycel, but rather age (I'm 70).  It has been gradual, maybe that's why.

cmljax, in all likelihood you can successfully lower your Sprycel 20mg dosage, first by skipping every fourth day (equivalent to Sprycel 15mg), proceeding to 20mg every other day (10mg).  A number of others have maintained on Sprycel 10mg.

This should help with the side-effects.


Thanks Buzz.  I will be discussing further dose reduction with my oncologist after my next PCR in December