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3.5 year PCR result

Hi everyone,

I hope we are all doing well. It's been a while since I have been on here and just wanted to share my lastet PCR result with you.

I am delighted that I have fallen again down to 0.049% from my last result 6 months ago. I am not the quickest responder but my trend is still down and I've been in MMR for 1 year now which is truly amazing. Slow and steady defo wins the race. I am so grateful for our wonderful medication and this amazing group. I know that the medication isn't perfect and we all suffer in some way but I have mostly put CML to the side over the last year since reaching MMR. A place I never thought I could get to in those early days/months/first 2.5 years. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this.

I am just highlighting this point so that newcomers and slower responders are given some hope that things really do and can return to a new more normal place once you hit close to MMR or MMR and stay there. Mentally I am a different person these days, but the road was bumpy and I am under no illusion that things can get bumpy at times in the future but I am really grateful that in this moment all is still good.


Great news...onward and downward...😊

Hi Alex,

This is really good to hear. Thanks for posting such positive news. Sandy

Wonderful news. Yes, it is great to share good news also, with the forum.

Go Turtles!!!

Lovely news, glad for you Alex. Go on accumulating those zeros after the dot.....


Excellent news Alex! Eventually all those turtles developed ninja skills. So happy for you. Onwards and downwards is the motto for all of us!


Congrats and thanks for sharing.  As you know I am also at 0.045% and 51 months in.  I have been MMR for about a year and a half and am still hopeful for steady movement downward.  I hope you too see a steady, and better yet, a sudden drop with two or three zeroes to the right.  

Well done! I have also been a slow responder with a bumpy ride towards MMR. I had a 0.015% which was an "outlier" (too good to be true) but my subsequent 0.064% is more representative of the downward trend. This can be a slow old business.

Funny, I too had a 0.015% outlier in between 0.043% and 0.045% (my latest).

That's very interesting. I have a few weeks to wait until my next result. It is a lesson not to get too excited about one off measurement either way.