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Saying hello

Hi everyone I'm a newbie.

Diagnosed on 25th October 2021. Five days after my 60th birthday!!

Cml is an unwanted birthday present with the help of imatinib I shall give back. The staff at Colney Centre NNUH are brilliant. I have even had supportive text from my GP. 

Just finished Allopurinol. 

Do I need to look at changes in my diet to reduce acidity now I am only on imatinib?

Also I am having my booster jab next month. I know of people becoming very ill afterwords. 

Is there any benefit in taking paracetamol before the jab?

Thank you 


Hi Alan and welcome. A diagnosis of CML is certainly a challenge - mine was an unwelcome Xmas present some 22 years ago now, but I am still here and doing well thanks to imatinib. Should you need any advice over the next weeks and months we are here to help.

To answer your questions: I am not sure about the 3rd vaccine/booster as I have only had 2 given that my S-antibodies are still at quite a high level (143) so my haematologist has agreed that I am not currently at extra risk. I am sure others will be able to advise on this and whether paracetamol etc. is helpful. 

I suggest you read the various threads on Vit D3 levels, and If possible ask your clinical team to test your current D3 level. There is a lot of evidence that increasing your D3 level is very helpful to overall health and is protective against the worst effects of viral infections including Covid.

Once again, welcome to this forum,






Thank you Sandy. 

Hopefully, my second hospital appointment is just before my booster. I will ask about D3 levels.

I am finding the support site very helpful in understanding Cml. As a humble postie this is the closest to being a Uni student I will ever be!!

Finding YouTube videos useful too. I am sure that I have seen you on one of them.

Thanking you


I’ve had my booster and it was fine.  All my doses were Pfizer and the only side effect I had was a sore arm.  

Given your recent diagnosis I would definitely discuss it with your consultant but my own view, more generally, is that the booster (or third primary dose in some cases) is a good idea.  I’ve just watched the latest video from Professor Tim Spector of Kings College/ COVID Zoe app, and he was strongly urging people to get it. 




As for paracetamol, I can’t see any harm in taking it. There are views pro and con as far as both paracetamol (metabolised in the liver, like imatinib certainly) and ibuprofen (a bit harsh on the stomach like imatinib) but when I was on imatinib I took both without problems.  Again, discuss with your consultant if you are concerned.  No on ever advised me against either and obviously as with all over the counter medicines, I didn’t take them for too long without speaking to a doctor.  


Interesting Youtube vid from Dr.John Cambell here re data from 3rd vaccine/booster.