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Homeopathetic treatment and tki

Hi to everyone!
I am on Sprycel 70 mg and I wonder if there possible interactions between homeopathetic treatment and Sprycel. Before I was diagnosed with cml I found homeopathetic very helpful.... Does anyone know? Doesn anyone do homeopathetic while he is on tki?

I am on 50g of Sprycel. I also believe greatly in homeopathic. What have you used since being diagnosed? I take a good amount of supplements (some herbal), like milk thistle and mushroom extracts for immunity. 

I also use homeopathic remedies. I am sure there would be no interaction between the two systems of medicine. Homeopathy uses infinitesimal doses of any indicated remedy (which is why some do not believe it has any effect other than placebo). I profoundly disagree with that view, nevertheless it is a complex system and to benefit fully you would be well advised to see a suitably qualified homeopathic practitioner.




Thank you both for your replies!
The first time I asked my doc he told that there is no problem... The second told me that he can not be sure....
I agree with you Sandy. That is what I thought but pharmacokinetics some times are a little bit complicated....