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4th dose Covid vaccination

Hi everyone. So I have been invited to have my 4th Covid vaccination next week. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the only information I can find about the safety and efficacy of a 4th dose is that trials have only recently begun in Israel.
And how do people feel about a 4th dose?
I am on dasatinib 100mg, blood count normal, bcr-abl undetectable.

Hi, just wondering why you are on 100 mg Dasatinib when you are undetected.

Hi Helen S,

I was just going to post and asked whether anyone had taken their booster or for us their 4 th vaccination-so you post is timely.Just to clear up any confusion over what we ( as possibly immuno suppressed) had for our third jab- technically it was the Third Primary Dose for the immuno suppressed as per the statement back last September by government and other agencies and not a booster.I know that in many cases including mine it was recorded as being a booster as there was at the time no facility within the NHS to record it as a a third primary.Mine still shows up on the NHS app as a booster so I am guessing that I might again have issues in convincing a vaccination centre that I need a booster or a 4th one and that my previous one was not a booster but a 3rd primary.The UK press has had examples of other patients who are in the immuno suppressed categories that have had mis -recordings and hence issues of getting a 4 th one or technically  a booster.

I have checked with my pharmacist and the ideal gap between number 3 and number 4 is 3 months so after mid January I shall be going to a few walk in centres to try to sort this out.From what I have read over time ones immunity post a vaccination does wane so I have absolutely no issue about taking another one.I see liitle reason to wait until any so called evidence emerges as essentially there seem to be benefits in always ensuring that ones immunity is topped up.One might look back to jabs one two and three and how you reacted -my first one Pfizer left me a bit warm but no headache and fever but two and 3 of Pfizer only left me with a sore arm.I understand that boosters will be Pfizer or Moderna even though 1 and 2 might have been AZ.

I am supposing that mid and long term certain age groups will be asked to take boosters every 12 months or perhaps every six months perhaps.

In general and in conclusion as CML patients as many of us are going to need lifelong treatment for our condition any benefits we give ourselves by lifestyle ,diet ,exercise and boost to our immune systems via Vit D etc and vaccinations offered then we should go for it.

A happy 2022



Hi John

I queried with my GP why I hadn't been called for a 3rd primary, which was because I see a consultant in England and my GP is 10 miles from the hospital, but in Wales. However the reception/records person at the GP surgery was able to amend my NHS record to show the booster I had in late October was a 3rd primary, so I should get called for a booster at the end of January, which will also be 4 weeks from my dose of covid.

For info I was pinged on 22/12 by the App that on 18/12 I had been near someone who had subsequently tested positive. I did a lateral flow that day which was negative, and ordered a PCR home test kit, which arrived and went back in the post on 23/12.  On 24/12 I did another lateral flow which was positive, and I started isolating. The PCR result was reported on 27/12, also positive. Lateral flow on 29/12 was positive, but with a much less distinct line, and this morning's lateral flow was negative.

I felt like I had a mild head cold for a few days, but nothing more significant than that. Pre-covid, the way I felt would not have stopped me going to work. Sadly the delay to the PCR result, the fact my symptoms had finished by the time I got that result, and a holiday closure for registrants, meant that I could not enter the Panoramic study.



Hi John, Thank you for your reply. I was in exactly the same position. My 3rd vaccination was recorded as my booster. At the time I booked my 3rd jab online, there was no option to select 3rd primary there was only booster. I think it was still under discussion as to who would be eligible for a 3rd primary dose.

To try to resolve it I contacted my GP first without much luck and so I contacted the : Vaccination Data Resolution Service, by calling 119 and choosing option 4. My details were logged but they said it could be at least 21 days before I was contacted with any kind of update or information.

So I then wrote to my GP and they called me within a week to offer me a booster at the surgery  (as my 3rd one was on 1st October so I am due).

Basically I think it's all just been changing so fast hasn't it and the systems and records behind it all will take time to catch up. 

So I would definitely get in touch with your GP. Even if it takes a couple of attempts because they are pretty snowed under in general.

Hope you have some luck. 

Hi Felix, I've only been undetectable for about 8 months and it's taken almost 5 years to achieve. So way too early to reduce the dose.

My first line treatment was Imatinib but I did not respond well.

I think the main problem in the UK is the nhs website says we are eligible for a 4th but cannot book online or via 119. The only option is via a GP or to go to a walk in centre with proof we are eligible. Luckily I do have a letter stating this but at the moment the nearest centre is closed and next nearest is Boots in a city centre where i do not want to go. My GP says they do not have vaccine at present and do not know when they will get there next batch. I will try again in a week or 2 in the hope the delay is not as long as the chaos with the 3rd.

Christine. Chaos it is. But I think the good thing is that walk in centres are all about getting jabs in arms and that is what I planned to do come the New year...take my NHS vulnerable letter(s) and hope for the best. It was a surprise to get an offer from the GP considering my query was just about correcting my vaccination record. Maybe just lucky timing with them getting a delivery. 

Hi, I went into a walk-in centre today along with a letter from my consultant and just had to tick a few boxes on a paper form which they will update later on the system. Very straightforward and was in and out in 20 mins.

Actually I did the same and was amazed how they now seem to know about 3rd primary and Boosters.  Just showed the letter and was asked what my condition was. He typed it in and waived me through.