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Chamomile and Imatinib

Hi guys, 

I am sorry to write this, i am so ashamed to share this, but … i just broke up with my girlfriend and i am not feeling so well… It had been a long week for me, and i feel really anxious (tachycardia, sweating, loss apetite, can’t sleep, shaking) …. i need some help, please, one of my general doctors recommended me to take clonazepam 0.125mg just for few days in order to treat my anxiety, but i am really worried about the interactions with Imatinib, and also recommended me Chamomile, but also i don’t know what to do. Please, any of you have had this anxiety problem before? is it Ok to take the clona or the chamomile while taking Imatinib? I will appreciate any of your advices. 

Thank u, 

Just check with your oncology team if it is an issue,chamomile tea I don't think will cause issues,but just run it by your onc then there will be no doubts.
Anxiety affects lot of ppl,nothing to be ashamed about take care of yourself ,hope you feel better soon.

Ive taken clonazapam and imatanib with no issue

Anxiety can do funny things to your brain proceeses, especially if you're having it bad enough to cause racing heart.

Take the clonazapam you'll feel better. I had something similar in jan 2021.