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“My CML” phone app now available

Following from what started as a masters students questionnaire about managing CML, to the thought that a phone app could help, with further research into what patients needed, and help from this group with all that and testing … “My CML” is now available for you all to use!

Massive thank you to Nick Duncan of the University of Birmingham School of Pharmacy for being the driving force behind this.

Available for iPhone and Android right now!


Launch of a new app for CML patients
We are very excited to announce that a new, free patient support app has just been launched and is available to download from the Apple and Google Play app stores.  Designed by a team of NHS Pharmacists working closely with CML patient support groups, My CML contains a set of specially designed functions to promote optimal patient outcomes. These include:

- A symptom/side effect tracker. You can record how you are feeling on a particular day, either in the form of a diary entry or by recording a score (on a scale of 0-10) for particular symptoms e.g. nausea, diarrhoea, muscle cramps etc.

- A drug interaction checker. You can check if there are any interactions between your CML medication and other medications. The app uses a traffic light system to tell you whether there is likely to be an interaction between any two medications and how significant any interaction is likely to be.

- The ability to enter key lab test results. You can record important blood test results such as BCR-ABL PCR, full blood count, kidney function and liver function. You can then keep track of your results over time using the tables and graphs in the My Progress section of the app.

- A medication reminder tool. You can set a daily reminder to help you remember to take your CML medication (and any other medication that you might take regularly). You can also record every time you take a dose of medication and can then check how good your adherence is using the My Progress function.  This also allows you to generate a graph to share with your healthcare provider.

- An appointment diary. This allows you to keep track of all CML-related appointments. It also has a notes function so that you can record any questions or topics that you might want to talk about with your health care provider.

- Access to up to date CML information including guidelines, information on medicines and various support groups both for CML and for cancer in general.

More details and app stores links can be found at: