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Skin rash with blisters and blurry vision


Hi,  it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.    I was wondering if  anyone has experienced blisters and severe itching between toes.  I’ve had this going on since November of last year.     When I saw my doctor in January I did t bring it up Bc I thought it was better.  Then it came back really bad with blisters all over between the toes that I got cellulitis and had to take 2 antibiotics in February.  It didn’t go away completely.  Now this week seems to be starting up again.  It’s only on one foot.    I am seeing my oncologist on Monday and discuss.  I just took my BCR test and waiting on results.    I’m on 80 mg Sprycel for the last year.  Been on sprycel for 21/2 years. I was .006 % in January 2022.   I’m also experiencing vision problems    Lots of fogginess and light sensitivity.  Just saw my ophthalmologist and she doesn’t know what could be going on.  I have cataracts but to young to do surgery.   But I can tell my vision has change quite a bit.    I’m wondering also if it’s the meds.   The light sensitivity for sure but the blurriness I just have no Clue.   I will be discussing this with my doctor Monday. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten any side effects like this before.  Thank you for any input.    It’s very much appreciated.  


I am much more susceptible to any skin infections on Sprycel.  I did have some blurry vision, but it was dry eye.  I'm not sure if the dry eye was caused by the TKI directly, occurred independently, or was the result of my low thyroid which the Sprycel seemed to aggravate.  All was resolved with eye drops.

Hi Mamodol.   Thanks for responding.    I’ve tried several drops with no improvement.   Also did you apply a cream to the rash to feel better?   I saw my my oncologist Tuesday and he doesn’t seem to think the rash is related.   I think it does Bc I’ve never had this before  also I got results for my BCR test.  My numbers went up a little from 3 months ago.  I was .006 now .06.    He said he isn’t concerned.  but  then reading notes he wrote said I may be resistant but to wait another 3 months for another test.  My doctor as well won’t decrease my 80 lug dose previously 100 mg.    He also said I’m least likely to be TFR Bc of my slow response. But I believe we all have that chance.   We won’t know if we don’t try.