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Covid Treatments for CML Patients

Have just tested positive for Covid Saturday morning and NHS have offered me an intravenous antiviral treatment to reduce risk of serious illness.  Apparently the tablet antiviral can cause reaction with Imatinib. I have only slightest symptons of tingling nose at the moment so have decided to see if condition worsens over next day or so with the option of phoning them to accept.  It needs to be administered within first 5 days.  Has anyone had this treatment?  My only worry is if I don't have it and condition deteriorates after 5 days it won't be available.  

Hi Helen,

I think that after 3 or 4 days of symptomatic Cvid infection you should be able to assess whether it is going to be self-manageable or a more serious infection. I recently had Covid (alongside all members of my family - all vaccinated twice and apart from me 3 had a booster) and although it wasn't that bad it was not much fun.

We all recovered fairly quickly, but two of us had ongoing fatigue and some general muscle/joint pain for 10 days or so. The muscle pain has now subsided thankfully.

We all take daily D3/K2 and keep to the US recommended levels. We also take high dose Vit C (powder form in water throughout the day during any kind of infection) which definitely slices through any/all bacterial and/or viral infections. 

Should you want to take the antiviral as a precaution then that is understandable- but antivirals are not much fun either- I had to endure antiviral after my SCT so I know how they make you feel.

Hope you have at least started to recover from your infection.