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Newly Diagnosed

Hello. I have just been diagnosed with CML on 05/27/2022, and it has been a whirlwind. I ended up in the ER with my WBC being 373,000. They rushed a Bone Marrow Biopsy, I was admitted and now here I am. I just took my first Bosulif, and I am a little nervous. I have been researching to find out as much as I can about this, and thought it would be a good idea to join a support group.

Welcome Lisa!

May your response to medication be rapid and deep and your side effects mild.


Hi Lisa,

This is a great forum, with many knowledgeable and experienced people :) I hope you react well to your TKI and achieve great results. Be careful when doing your research as many information on the web you will find is outdated. 

A quote that I heard sometime ago that gives me and my partner hope. “You are likely to die with CML, but unlikely to die from it” 

My partner was diagnosed about 2 months ago (at the age of 22)  and it was a shock for us at the beginning, but it does get better with time; when you start to understand the disease and the wonderful treatment we have available nowadays :) 

All the best :) 

Hi Lisa,

As someone already mentioned this is a great forum. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of all the support that’s out there ... I know I did and it truly made a difference. I found online chats, this forum & nonprofits in my area that offered various services to cancer patients which really helped. Wishing you get great results from your treatment and that you find the support you need. 

Hi Lisa...Patient at MD Anderson, DX june 2018 with random bloodwork & wbc 48k. Was eased into Bosulif 100mg....200mg then 300mg in 2 week increments. Never put on the recommended 400mg because of my strong response at 300. This also I imagine helped with the number 1 side effect diarrhea. I do fatigue out now where before the gas tank was always full. Very happy with the bosulif after seeing what others go through. I can eat pretty much anything too. 

With early help from Scuba, I started on vitamins and supplements. I credit those to my wellbeing from colds to the flu bugs.

MD Anderson got my patient out of pocket assistance from pfizer.