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Hi all

been quite some time since i have been on here but i would like to get some advice.Ihave been on Imatinib for 5 years accepting side effects of Diarrhea,muscle cramps and joint bloods are optimum (which is great news) but in recent months my Diarrhea has progressively become worse.has anyone had anything similar and can  you give me advice on how to cope with it. thanks in advance.


I was advised to use Normacol which is a regulariser of the digestive/colon system and helps to form more regular stools-sprinkle a sachet or two on cereal in the mornings.An alternative natural approach might be a charcoal based supplement that acts as a bulking agent .Also drink lots of water I suggest.



Thank you again John for your prompt reply I will give this advice consideration 


I have found that taking a probiotic daily has made a huge difference with fewer bouts of diarrhea. When I do have it, Imodium works for me.

Good luck!