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Occasionally, I have a swollen ankle as a side effect of my 400mg Imatinib. Usually, this recedes after a couple of days without too much concern.
However, recently this did not happen. After a day the swelling turned sore with my skin becoming red,warm and my ankle doubled in size.
I was diagnosed with cellulitis. Thankfully, a blood test showed the infection was isolated to my ankle and not threatening me with sepsis.
I was prescribed with the antibiotic Clarithromycin. I took this twice daily of 500mg doses for a week.
I use the MyCml app. Which informed me that this antibiotic reacts with my Imatinib.
My consultant said that I was lucky that my side effects did not worsen, whilst taking this antibiotic!

Please ensure that whatever you are prescribed with. The doctor double checks with your health care team!!

Regards Alan