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Kidney function cystatin c test in UK.


Hi everyone, your experience of getting the cystatin c test in UK would be appreciated.
In other threads there is talk of kidney function tests being misleading due to imatinib reducing the removal of creatinine from the blood which leads to poor serum creatinine test (too high ) and eGFR test (too low ).
As said elsewhere, a 2016 investigation showed that the poor kidney function test results in some cml patients on imatinib, was solely due to the high level of creatinine due to imatinib and not the kidney function. Effectively giving a false poor reading.
As my kidney function has gone from a lifelong reasonable result to less than good after 6 months of 400mg imatinib, I am thinking that the cystatin c kidney function test as recommended by the 2016 investigation would be a good idea as it does not measure creatinine. This may show (I hope) that the kidneys are ok and importantly, that no kidney medication is needed.
However..... the cystatin c kidney test does not seem to be normally available in the UK. Has anyone in the uk had this test , and how did you get it??
The 2016 research is here :-

Many thanks in advance. I am in worcester Uk by the way.