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Tasigna/Nilotinib to Sprycel/Dasatinib switch ?


I was diagnosed with CML in May 2022 and on tasigna/nilotinib ever since. Lately, my PCR results have been stagnating with a slight upwards trend (0.22 in July 23, 0.25 in November 23 and 0.31 in April 24), which concerns me somewhat.

I did a resistance test and have none.

My haemotologist offers me to switch to sprycel/dasatinib.

Has anybody else switched from nilotinib tò dasatinib? What was your experience?

Any input appreciated 🙂

I switched from Spyrcel to Nilotinib as the Spyrcel was causing pleural infusion. In between I was taking Bosutinib for a year but I too had an upward trend.
A month now on 400 morning and 400 evening. It’s really hard on my body. Headaches, bone pain, nausea.