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Vague muscle pain


Diagnosed in Nov22. Since then on IMATINIV 800 per day. BCR-ABL from 24 to .16 in March 24. Responded well. But can’t coup up with the muscle fatigue/muscle numbness and recently vague pain all over the body. What should I do to manage pain. It’s disturbing my sleep.

Does it happen to everybody or it’s me only. F

Have you tried taking calcium and magnesium?

I was on Imatinib for years and never felt muscle pain.

Why are you on 800 instead of 400 mg?

I was on 400 mg Imatinib for 11 years. I could not imagine being at 800mg. Can you lower it perhaps? Also, are you on a generic? Generics can vary. The therapy that worked best for me while on Imatinib was daily walking and regular sessions at the gym.