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For the Gals - (Glivec) Heavy Bleeding during periods

For the Gals

I have posted to have your experiences.

Since taking Glivec I have experienced heavy bleeding during periods and longer bleeding days before a break.

Whereas prior to diagnosis of CMl just a normal period then
about a 4 week break

Now shorter break periods and much longer bleeding periods with heavier flows.

At times with cramping not bad crampling but you feel like you are - possibly from having longer bleeding days

Have any of you experienced this?
What is your experience?

Do you think that this is caused by CML
Do you think it is a side effect from Glivec that
medicos have not researched thoroughly

Swan Valley Sue

Hi Sue, my daughter Becky (15) is on Glivec and she has been experiencing very heavy painful periods. She has been losing clots and everything. We went for our last appointment and saw another consultant. I asked whether she could go on Northisterone (to stop the periods) and he has put her on them for two months. We will see Sarah (our consultant) on the 2nd June. He wasn`t sure if it was the CML, Glivec or just her age hat was causing this, but as you have raised this issue I am thinking it could be the Glivec. Perhaps you could ask for this drug, Becky was on it when she was first diagnosed and it did stop the periods. Hope you get sorted soon. Love Dawn xxx

Hi Sue

I also found I had very heavy periods which for the first 2 days stopped me from leaving the house. The side effect being very low HB counts making me feel very tired and weak.

My GP was able to offer several options and I have hopefully sorted the problem by going back on the contraceptive pill, so far so good but it is still early days.

I think mine is definately down to the Glivec rather than the CML as when I was diagnosed and for the first few months of treatment my periods stopped completely (I was most disappointed when they came back).

If you talk to your doctors I am sure they will be able to sort something out for you as well.

Take Care


Thanks for the responses

I thought it maybe just me -

I will go back to the medicos and see how they can improve my life -

This side effect does have a huge impact on how you live your life - at times also cannot leave the house


Hi all

I had this problem and saw my GP who referred me to a Gyno - I had a polyp removed and a Merina(Sp) coil fitted and now no periods at all.

It's worth getting it checked out.


Hi all

I had this problem and saw my GP who referred me to a Gyno - I had a polyp removed and a Merina(Sp) coil fitted and now no periods at all.

It's worth getting it checked out.


During 2002-3 I suffered increasingly heavy periods which lasted 10 days or so with massive loss, clots etc. In January 2003 I had a hysterectomy (aged 51), with great relief. While in hospital routine blood tests reveealed a rising white count, which was eventually,(3 months later) diagnosed as CML.
A school of thought now is that I maybe didn't need the hysterectomy and the blood loss was due to the CML, with reduced clotting etc. Who knows?

Been on Glivec since July 2003 and CML is undetectable for nearly 2 years!!

Keep at it you CMLers, it's an exclusive club!!

I am also in Swansea Valley, where are you?


I had a surgery performed here in the US called an endometionic ablasion, it is a simple surgery where they burn away the lining of the womb. It has put an end to those awful monthly's. I wonder if this is available in the UK?
Regards Donna

Hi Ladies:

I am glad I lodged a new topic For The Gals - Glivec.

I have been asking "Us Gals" from different chat groups if ladies are having this problem with clotting blood and periods and the length of the time between periods shortens and the length of period lengthens.

My periods were of the above - with very very heavy clotting,which was definitely not a normal hormone response you would think.

Specialists think it is perhaps age, CML and Glivec - so no-one really knows.


Outcome for me:
I had a major bleed that resulted in Hgb being only 44 and ambulanced to hospital - after being stablised - a radical hysterectomy was performed. What a drama.

Sore and sorry but what a relief and feel great.
I have been out of hospital for a fortnight now after spending 7 days there.

It is amazing how many women have had this problem.
Is it a coincidence of CML / Glivec - I myself now think it maybe glivec impacting on hormones in some way.

Most are either like Donna having ablations, hysterectomies or some other medical intervention to help overcome the problem.


My advise for all females newly diagnosed with CML is to also be referred to a Gyno who has an interest in cancers or one who has knowledge of CML or Leukemias in general and one who can work with your haem. or clinical physician.


Hi Sue,

Thanks for raising this topic.

I am 35 yrs old, and while I was expecting my third child I got diagnosed with CML in June 2019 during the routine delivery tests, but thankfully everything went well.

After delivery I went for tubal ligation.But since I started taking glivec  I am also noticing three main differences in my monthly periods,

1.Heavier than normal

2. Early, just after 3 weeks 

3. Longer time

I am not sure what could be the reason,I am still trying to figure out.But definitely something is related to either CML or glivec.

Sounds like perimenopause - a little early, usually in your 40's - can be a decade of this - possibly early because of imatinib?  Or it could be fibroids.