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Acid Reflux/Heartburn

There was a discussion about symptoms of heartburn/indigestion etc some time ago. 

A few weeks ago I started to suffer intermitently from heartburn and uncomfortable bloating etc, especially when I ate bread, potatoes, rice. coffee etc. Red wine seemed to be quite soothing where as white wine made it worse! but that is by the by.

I tried Aloe Vera juice as well as digestive enzymes and although these were both somewhat effective the problem kept coming back.


I have been searching around for more information and last week came across an interesting webite forum called 'earth clinic'........... and found a discussion on there regarding stopping the symptoms of  'acid reflux' with apple cider vinegar.  I tried this and was amazed that within 24 hours my symptoms had disappeared.

5 days on and I seem to be heartburn free no matter how or what I eat and drink!


I have since done some more research and come accross the organic version that members of that forum were discussing- ' Gert ACV with the mother'! I now discover the 'the mother' is the natural bacteria that is involved in the process of converting apple pulp to vinegar.


I have  now ordered  500ml of this organic version to see if it helps over the longer term. ... there is a long list of other conditions that seem to be helped/combatted by a daily drink of ACV:

- Reduces sinus infections and sore throats
- Balances high cholesterol
- Cures skin conditions such as acne
- Protects against food poisoning
- Fights allergies in both humans and animals
- Prevents muscle fatigue after exercise
- Strengthens the immune system
- Increases stamina
- Increases metabolism which promotes weight loss
- Improves digestion and cure constipation
- Alleviates symptoms of arthritis and gout
- Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections


Here is the link:

I initially bought  a cheaper version at Morrisons.... Aspals organic cyder vinegar.. for around £1.75 for 350mls (but this does not have the 'mother').... but it worked anyway.


Hope this is helpful to those of you who do suffer from this really annoying condition.


best... Sandy

I have just checked with my trial nurse and she said it is fine to have on Nilotonib. 

Thanks for the tip, I'll let you know how I get on

Emma x

Can a daily drink of ACV help one pick the winning numbers on the lottery?

Seriously though, ACV is supposed to have a wide range of healing properties. I had a little book about the uses of vinegar a few years ago. It made interesting reading. It's worth a try though I can't see it taking over from a Gin and Tonic! (The tonic is great for muscle cramps with Glivec-you don't really need the Gin). How much should you drink each day? Can you mix it with anything?

Hi Lydia,

I take one capful in an 8oz glass of water twice a day before meals. Your can increase this to a glass before every meal depending on how severe the acid reflux is.

I find the taste of the 'Gert ACV' much nicer and therefore easier to drink than shop available apple cider vinegar. The Gert version contains what they call 'the mother of vinegar'  which is naturally occuring and is full of active enzymes and beneficial  bacteria.  It is a pleasant taste and therefore more easy to drink. It worked almost immediately for me.

The directions on bottle say:  one or two tablespoons can be mixed with honey and/or water, juice or cordial.

more info at


Thanks for the tip Sandy, will give it a try for my indigestion when eating fatty or spicy food, got nothing to lose :)


Hi Sandy


I've just read your post with interest as I have begun to get indigestion problems after being on Imatinib for 4 months.  I tried Omeprazol for 5 days, it made no difference but caused other issues so came of it.  I want to try more natural alternatives, such as food elimination to see if certain foods cause it to be worse.  I was wondering if you are still taking the ACV after all this time and if it still works?


Best wishes,


Ive been getting a lot of reflux lately - I also have bronchitis, might it have to do with the coughing?

Didnt have it bad before but I wake up in the middle of the might about to throw up. I've been on imatanib for about 3.5 years. 

Apart from the above,  have you other advice?

Hi Eva,

I still take ACV (with mother) whenever I have any signs of indigestion/reflux etc. I also find my digestion suffers adversely from eating processed foods especially those made from white flour or are highly sweetened. Recently I have been drinking Kombucha based drinks which also help a lot... although not much different to ACV which is cheaper. 

Hope this helps