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Has anyone experienced brain zaps


Since one week, back and neck pains are 3/4 lower than previous week, I should feel great but now I have electric shocks in my head, like brain zaps. It could be described as a trigeminal pain but it is in the top left side of my skull when I move my head, eat and sometimes without doing something. The pain occurs 1 second but is very strong, a big electric "blackout". I have had such kind of problem during several weeks 3 months ago and it seems to appear and disappear without any explanation. I have seen on sprycel notice and it is written "peripherical neuropaty", could it be the case. I have taken different medication such as neurontin, pain killers....but there is no progress. Thanks in advance for your answers.


No.    I'd say definitely worth a phone call to your doctor and discuss there.

Hi Darley,

That is the problem. I have asked many times to my gp, to my onc, to neuro and have done an x-ray but nothing has been found. These brain zaps come and go but become frightening actually. I had such kind of problems just before my diagnosis but now I am in mmr and they still occur at the point that I am under depression. I have tried many medications without success and there is no particular reason when they appear/disappear. I have had a look on the net and I have found such cases with MDMA withdrawal. Of course, I have never took such kind of things. My only wish is that I can live without them one day. 

If you had them even before diagnosis then it can't be Sprycel.

Go back to your doctor and make sure he understands how it affects you and push for diagnosis.

Yes, I can't blame tki but no doctor (and I have seen a lot of specialist) knows where it comes from. Most of the time, they told me that it is nerve of my neck which irradiate  on the top of my head. I have done an X ray last year which saw nothing. I am lost and don't really know what to do, back and neck pains even at a level scale of pain can be managed but this kind of pain not because it is like a neuropatic pain.

Hi Francis... given your clinicians have suggested a trapped nerve then you might try seeing a cranial osteopath. It is worth a try?


HI Francis,

What happened with your brain zaps?  I have been on Sprycel for 2 years and have been experiencing them for about 9 months. They only happen when I am trying to fall asleep.  Were you ever able to get a diagnosis?