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Nilotinib—Hair Loss


I’m on 600mg per day since January this year and have lost circa 80% of my hair.

Will it ever grow back even I continue taking Nilotinib


When I was on Tasigna 600 mg/day, my hair stopped growing for about 3 months.  As I began to reduce dose ffirst to 450 then to 300 then to 150, my hair started growing again.  So when you reach MMR start talking dose reduction with your oncologist.  Your hair will probably grow again if you reduce dose and might even stabilize or start growing again as your body adapts to the 500 mg/day dose. 

Keep the faith

This is very encouraging to hear. I just placed a call to my onc.

I am on 600mg of Tasignia and have been since I started in 04/18.

I want to go down to 150mg if possible!!! Slow reduction I know but I can't stand this hair texture stress I'm having, my hair is NOT the same as it used to be and upsets me so much.

I just read that reducing to once a day at a reduced dose s/b no issue. Hoping my Dr agrees!!

Hi there that’s great news to hear …I am currently at 600 mg they’ve reduced me to 400 mg per day I am hoping that my hair will start to grow at this point. It seems that it never gets longer than my neckline it seems to break off or just not grow. Not to mention my whole texture has totally changed and it’s still saying it’s not as thick as it used to be. Did you notice a difference in texture going back to the way used to be and growth? If so at what dosage did you notice the change in your hair?


Did you notice when you went from 600 to 400 per day a difference in your hair? Or did you see a huge difference when you went down to 150 mg per day

so sorry for all these questions I’m just tired of not having my hair I’m hoping that the lower dosage will help it


Just wanted to let you know what my doctor did …she would not let me go that low she strongly suggested that I go to 400 a day and she wants to see how my body works with that dosage. I’m hoping that I do well and then she can lower it again not sure how long that’ll take but I’ve been on to Tasigna 600 mg since 2017 so I know exactly how you feel I just want my hair back