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Hi folks!  this is my very first post to this site.  Wishing anyone who reads this a better day tomorrow!!!

I am responding to the comment about "low dose radiation tied to higher leukemia risk".  When I was diagnosed with my first cancer - ALL Ph+ leukemia - I was told it was "in my DNA".  But although my photo doesn't show it (it's an old photo,...heh heh), I am 75, and I remember going into the Buster Brown shoe store with my mother and siblings to buy shoes.  We three kids fought to play on the foot xray machine!!!  Does anyone remember them?  I really wonder if that had anything to do with my leukemia (not to mention the other 2 cancers).  Just a thought.  

Whoops....chemo-brain made me forget what I should have explained.  I am considered "cured" of the ALL Ph+, but must continue expensive medications probably for the rest of my life. Therefore, I'm pretty sure I now have the "chronic" version of leukemia.   First I took Gleevec,(imatinib mesalate)  and it worked fine at first.  But eventually blood tests showed that the Philadelphia Chromosome was returning.  So 8 years ago, my doctor prescribed Tasigna (nilotinib), and it has been fantastic...until recently.  There's a good chance that the BCR-ABL test showed the rotten chromosome returning.  At this writing I am waiting for the MD's office to call me back. Fingers crossed here.

Lastly...if you are having trouble paying for your expensive drugs, do what i did: apply to the drug manufacturer to see if you qualify for their Patient Assistance Program.  I contacted Novartis as I'm currently taking Tasigna, and am getting it for free.  I have to provide them with ALL the information on my income, of course, and have to "re-up" each year. But it's well worth it.  The drug is roughly $100,000 annually!! Sheesh!!!


Hi Fritz, Welcome. I am new too and still learning a lot. :) Wishing you  well!!  Cheers , Dawn