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Iron deficiency anemia on dasatinib


I have been on dasatinib 1 year since nilotinib resistance.
On routine tests my hb was noted to be lowering and then we found i was iron deficient

Colonoscopy was done and nothing significant except the most minimal of early inflammation in single part of intestine which was non specific and common finding
No tumour no visible bleed
My hematologist initially did not think it was due to dasatinib as its not a documented side effect

Repeat colonoscopy done 3 months later as iron levels rose after an infusion but started lowering and this showed a moderate increase in inflammation.

So my gastro enterologist n hematologist seem to think its possibly dasatinib causing possible gut inflammation and perhaps microscopic bleeding but because im responding well to dasatinib, to continue this while taking iron supplement and gastro enterologist considering anti inflammatory meds

Anyone know about gut inflammation and iron deficiency from dasatinib. I have zero symptoms physically.

And no its not my diet as i have meat daily

Hi Sam. I have never taken dasatinib so I am sorry I am of no help to your questions. I take Tasigna and wanted to ask how long you were on it before developing resistance?

I have been on Dasatinib/ Sprycel for over 6 months. This because of resistance to Gleevac. First 100, now 80.  I started with iron deficient anemia and have built up my blood to normal through diet alone. I carefully ate iron rich foods. My hemoglobin is now. 12.7.  I have had no problems. However, if anemia is bad iron supplements may be necessary. Really, the cause of the anemia is the issue that needs to be diagnosed and addressed. In my case I have had, so far, no problems with Sprycel.  Gitel 

Hi Samsam

I’ve been on Sprycel for over two and a half years (50mg per day for last two years, 100mg and 75mg before that). The side effect that affects my quality of life the most is digestive system inflammation. I’ve not had any scopes but assume I have inflammation as I have pain and discomfort which often wakes me in the early hours of the morning and prevents me falling back to sleep. The sleep deprivation gets exhausting. 

I had some mild IBS symptoms prior to starting Sprycel and this seems to have been exacerbated by the Sprycel. 

I remember a few weeks into starting Sprycel one night my abdomen distended to about the size of eight months pregnant. I nearly called the ambulance but it had settled down by the next day.

I also have been anaemic since starting Sprycel until I received a half dose iron infusion a few months ago. I suspect the reason for my anaemia was the distressingly excessive menstrual bleeding I experienced for those months I was on full dose Sprycel after two weeks of Hydroxyurea.

The packet insert for Sprycel says up to 10% people on Sprycel experience gastrointestinal side effects. 

I will post a link to Trey’s CML blog where he discusses anaemia too.

Good luck. I’m pleased to hear you don’t have GI symptoms that you can feel and hope it stay that way for you.

let me know if you find anything that helps 

All the best