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South-East Asian fruits and imatinib

Hi everyone

Hope you're all doing well!  This is just a quick question to find out if anyone knows about the interaction between imatinib and various exotic fruits native to Southeast Asia.  I'm travelling to the region in April and love eating starfruit, dragonfruit, mangosteen and durian, but I've heard that some of these fruits are out of bounds when one takes a TKI.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, martin! hope you're fine! it's hard to talk about those exotic fruits, but i know that starfruit isn't an option, also dragonfruit is an CYP3A4 inhibitor, what may cause elevations in drugs levels. maybe you can make a research about those fruits + CYP3A4 to find out if there's an significant interaction. Have a nice and safe trip! cheers!

Hi Lucas 

Great to hear from you again.  I've just had a Brazilian friend here and have been thinking about planning my next trip to your country!

Thanks so much for this info - what a pity because it's so hard to get dragonfruit here in South Africa and I was looking forward to having some.  I hope you are well too!


Great, martin! if you decide to come to fortaleza, send me a message! it's all fine here!