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Tasigna hair loss


Hello!Its the first time I am writing to the forum.I am Vicky, 31 years and been diagnosed with cml on October 2018.I started Tasigna 600mg on a daily basis and achieved MMR on my 1st test.I know that these are good news however Im experiencing hair loss from head,body and eyebrows.What I would like to ask is if any of you has experienced similar problems and if there is something that could help??or the only solution is discussing a dose decrease?Many thanks for your kind help!I wish to all of us good luck!

Hi Vicky,

Its been 2 months i am on tasigna 800 mg.

I do have a bit of hair loss but not significantly though.

I have a lot of hair loss and to be honest with you I am pretty worried....thank you for sharing your experience!I hope it will stop eventually.

Hi Vicky~ I’m right there with you! Have been taking Tasigna (400mg daily) for the last 18 months and recently noticed some fairly dramatic changes in my hair’s texture and volume— extremely dry/frizzy regardless of treatments used, hair-loss, thinning, scalp irritations, dandruff. Even my nails are looking thin, and brittle.

That said, the culprit is the Nilotinib. Lowering dosage may be the only real help with these issues. 

Hang in there! 


Hi Sandy,
Thank you very much for your advice and I hope also for you to get better with the symptoms.You are so right!I noticed the same thing also for my nails at the beginning of treatment now they are back to normal.
My next pcr is on March and if my results are good I will discuss about lowering the dose.
Thanks a lot and I wish you a great year!