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Increase in Basophils 1 week after commencing treatment for accelerated phase CML

Hi everyone, my husband (38yrs) was diagnosed 1.5 weeks ago with CML accelerated phase. He was commenced on Imatinib 600mg. We did another blood test exactly 1 week after starting Imatinib and noticed although everything else appeared to slowly be going down his basophils went from 22% to 38% in just 1 week. This has me really worried as im concerned it may indicate disease progression. Does anyone have any idea what the increase in basophils could mean if nothing else has increased?Has this happened to anyone else? I'm just trying to work out the significance. Thank you in advance.

I had pretty much the same diagnosis 12/15. I know my results when starting treatment we’re all over the place. I was monitored ever 3 weeks, CBC, FISH, PCR, given antibiotics for low WBC counts etc. The forth month everything got better. No more bone pain, strength returned. I didn’t ask many questions back then, trusted my Dr. and marched forward. Didn’t complain, went to work and took my meds, 600mg Imatinib. Never interrupted treatment. Met all the milestones. My thoughts are to make sure your Dr. is no dummy, you need to trust him. When my Dr. has no concerns, either do I. At first it’s a tough road, mentality and physically, It’s been 3.5 years for me and I don’t dwell on CML no longer. There are worse things out there. We are fortunate with these drugs. Had I gotten CML at 38 in 1996, I probably would not be writing this. My Dr. tells me I won’t die from this. That is reassuring, but what’s  next? That’s more concerning.