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CML and Prostate Cancer - Need Wisdom

Dx June 14, 2018 with CML.  qPCR score as of March 11, 2019 = .0109% 

Dx yesterday with prostate cancer - 2 cores out of 12.  Gleason score of 6 (3+3) and Gleason score of 7 (3+4).

Any wisdom about this double whammy and what it means for treatments for both?  I have been taking 400 mg Imatinib since July 5, 2018 with one interruption for 2 weeks due to low counts.   

I'll hang up and listen.  Thank you.



Hi Rick, very sorry to hear this, and hope your prostate responds as well as your CML has. I have a vague memory of prostate cancer/CML being discussed on the forum a few years ago, but the search function doesn't seem to be working so can't find any posts. I'll try again later. Best wishes. Alastair

Thank you.  These things I do know.  Having CML increases the chance of having prostate, lung, thyroid, melanoma, and some other cancers.  One study shows that taking Glivec increases the chances of having prostate cancer by 4.  

This is indeed bad news for you, Rick. I see conflicting studies on this issue. I am rather concerned that this could be my next port of call for although my PSA is low I have symptoms which could be consistent with prostate difficulties.

Next week, a prostate charity visits the village in which I live to provide PSA testing for the gentleman in the locality. I will have the opportunity to ask a retired consultant a question about CLM and prostate cancer.

Thank you.  I will anxious to heat what you learn.

... For what it’s worth, I’ll forward you this link. The information on this is consistent, always positive and certainly can’t hurt. (If you have any doubt, check with your doctor). I fill my blender with broccoli and watercress sprouts, a bit of clean filtered water. I drink a cup right away and pour the rest into an ice tray. I take 3 or 4 frozen cubes to work every day in a zip lock, drink it down as soon as they melt. Refreshing and the nutrients are powerful cancer fighters. I was looking for substances to help kill leukemia stem cells and these came up in reference to prostate cancer also.

Unfortunately, Rick, I did not learn a lot from today's meeting that I didn't already know. The opinion is that pre-existing cancers, save for bladder cancer, are unlikely to be a significant cause of prostate cancer. Only bladder cancer is of the same pathological type.

The most aggressive form of prostate cancer is linked to family history (often hitting younger men). Otherwise it appears not to be caused by "bad behaviour": smoking, drinking, drugs, sex. There is a strong racial link with blacks being hit the worst while Asians get off realtively lightly.

Tomato is the only known food type that helps to stem postate cancer.

This consultant is very supportive of PSA testing albeit that it doesn't have universal popularity in the medical profession.

I did Google and read a number of papers myself. The findings of various studies are far from consistent. What does you oncologist think?

Thanks.  I have my urological review on May 29th followed by my CML hematologist on June 3rd.  I will know more then.  

With gratitude.


I feel very sorry for you, Rick. It rather adds insult to injury suffer this double whammy.

I do wonder whether patients with CML and under oncological/haematological supervision gets diagnosed for other conditions more quickly. In my case, the investigation of hand pain (ultimately diagnosed as osteoarthritis) led to a diagnosis of diabetes. Then I had six monthly reviews and blood testing which led to a diagnosis of coeliac disease and eventually CML.

In your case, do you think it possible that the prostate cancer pre-existing the CML? Was your PSA elevated?

The proposition that CML might lead to secondary cancers appears not to be proven but I note that there does seem to be a strong argument that CML patients are more vulnerable to being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The path to both diagnoses began with February annual physicals that showed abnormalities.  In 2018 it was in the CBC.  In 2019 it was an elevated PSA.  My PSA when diagnosed with CML was below 4.  

Hello Rick,

I can’t help with any information unfortunately but I just wanted to add some support for you. It must be difficult with the new diagnosis and the additional stress it brings. I do hope you are given some effective treatment soon and this too becomes a manageable condition. It is only my opinion but I believe keeping as fit as possible not only does the obvious for your physical wellbeing, but it helps with the mental aspect of things as well. Whatever you can manage is worthwhile even if it is just a short outdoor walk, up to something more strenuous if you feel able without over doing it. I always feel better after a visit to the local gym.

Good advice.  Right now I swim 2 to 3 times per week and try to get in a good walk for the other days.  It does help with the stress.