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After searching on the web for natural products to help with stress and anxiety the product Ashwagandha popped up.  Sounds like it may have other benefits to help with the side effects of TKI’s but unsure of any interaction with drugs.  Is this product known to anyone on the forum?

Hi, I used to take one ashwagandha capsule per day but was recommend to stop because in my case it could cause harm to the liver. The doctor (Not my CML doctor) who advised me to stop taking ashwagandha wrote the following in her recent book:

Ashwagandha has gained great recognition in recent years, especially for its treatment of thyroid problems. Even endocrinologists are starting to recommend its use to their patients. However, it is extremely heating to the liver and will inadvertently backfire on Hashimoto’s patients, as the heat it creates pushes them further into an autoimmune crisis. Therefore, though this herb can be very important for supporting the thyroid, it must be taken transdermally, in a homeopathic version diluted in a liter of water, or as a very weak tea (a pinch of herb per liter of boiled water, steeped for 20 minutes and then slowly sipped so that it comes into the liver without heating it up).

Since my liver is already busy processing other medicines, including 600mg Imatinib, this doctor thought ashwagandha would do more harm than good. She instead recommend Guduchi and Moringa, which are more aligned with my goals because they are known to cleanse the bone marrow from toxins.

If you are interested, the book she wrote is called "Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda: Natural Treatments for Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism".

Hope this helps in your research.

PS: I'm new to this forum and have been trying to separate some time to create a post about my diagnosis, current goals, etc.

Many thanks for the reply.  It’s my liver which a big problem at the moment so will look at taking as a tea as it may help other issues. The other herbs you mentioned I will to investigate as they may be useful.