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Article I found today

Interpreting Molecular Monitoring Results and International Standardization in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia


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Click on the tables to expand.  Good info there 

This article is seven years old and perhaps out-of-date insofar as the European standards are concerned. My haematologist referred me to following, "the bible":

At six months, I should have had a complete cytogenetic response, i.e. Ph+ 0%. By this standard I am on a warning Ph+ at 7.5 months was 1% and BCR-ABL is 1.2 (international standards). Now on long wait for my 11 months results with review appointment deferred. Also awaiting results of mutation tests.

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Isn't there an even more recent update than 2013?  For both ELN and NCCN guidelines?

Under the “Patient Info” and “Treatment Guidelines” on this site you’ll find links to the latest ELN and NCCN guidelines.

ELN are due an update to their guidance soon (well, it’s past due), and there has been a lot of discussion around this in the CML practitioner community. I don’t think much of the base information will change, but codified guidance around when to stop / reduce etc may be included in it. Generics clearly have a part to play - when should a patient start on generic imatinib vs straight to a 2nd gen TKI, etc.

There’s nothing incorrect with the 2013 guidance per se, but there could be a lot added to it. And these sort of guidelines have to be absolutely right with very little room for interpretation so you can imagine it’s not simple to get it all agreed.

It’s a complicated question with a fairly simple answer. They still take time to answer.

David, I think that one you referenced is still the 2013 one.

It is, because the 2013 guidelines remain the latest available from ELN. 

There are also some NHS guidelines under development, but they need more work too.