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Latest Blood Test Results BCR/ABL1 .


Bcr/Abl1 results are in.

Still detected, but it dropped from 1.146 on July 19th  to .38  on August 30th. 

That's a drop of .766 or almost a  66 % reduction over the course of approx 42 days.

Good sign that I should stay on 20 MG Sprycel and it is working to get this lowered to hopefully a ND next cycle?

Still waiting for the FISH (IS) test results.

 I have my appt. with my oncologist on Sept 12 and we will discuss what plan of action to take depending on the FISH Result.

She is indicating that I probably will have 3 options.

1.Stay the course and go another cycle on 20 MG   2.Go back to 50 mg   3.Change medication.

WBC test and CMP test numbers were very good- all in the green.

WBC even went down from 7900 to 6600


Hey Chuck - that’s a great result in that timeframe. Looks like that 20mg dose might suit you well!

Don’t get hung up about non detectable. All you’re looking for is a nice sloping trend-line and to get below 0.1% for the time being.

Was the FISH test on marrow, or blood?


Thanks David!

All tests are blood including the FISH.

Had 1 bone marrow/bone extraction and thats more than enough for that test under local anesthesia thank you very much! LOL!  

Should get the results by the middle of next week hopefully.

Lab Corp takes awhile before they post anything.




Bravo!  It really seems the 20mg is working quite well.  

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