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RT PCR slightly increased


Hi all,

Today I received my PCR report. There is a slight increase in RT PCR.

I just have missed a single dose. Is it the effect of missing a dose. Am I doing anything wrong?
Please suggest.

On Tasigna 800 mg/day

Jan :88%
Apr : 0.09
Jun(last WK) : 0.0065
Sep(25th). : 0.0078



The difference between 0.0065% and 0.0078% is not statistically significant. The variabilty of the PCR test process at that very low level is around +/-50% of the measured value. The two results are well inside that range. This is very unlikely to have anything to do with missing one dose. I'm currently trying TFR. My last 3 PCRs are 0.028%, 0.012%, 0.019%. Consultant and I are happy this stable and still MMR.

Hope this helps

Any value less than 0.01% has little meaning. It's in the noise of the test.

For information: They could run two identical tests from one sample of blood and measure PCR one log apart. That is a very large range. I would only be concerned if your PCR level changes 1/2 to one log upward. And then, would need a re-test to verify trend.

For all practical purposes you are "undetected" and to be honest will never have an issue with CML again. You beat the disease. It is done, finished, kaput as long as you continue to take your medication - in fact you should consider lowering dose so side effects are reduced as well. Congratulations!

Hi Scuba/Alastair,

Thanks so much for your valuable information and suggestion.