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Neutropenia when starting gleevac


I have been on 400 mg of gleevac for around a month. I just went for follow up and my WBC count was 1, 0% neutrophils. I know people have mentioned that their counts dropped when first starting gleevac. Has anyone had a count this low? How long did it take your counts to normalize? Were you restarted on the same dose and did you becomes neutropenic again? I'm starting to worry that I won't be able to tolerate gleevac. Thank you in advance for your replies!

My neutrophils dropped to 1.3 after 30 days on imatinib. Doctor said they didn't want to see it drop below 1 and this was not unusal. He wasn't sure if it had already dropped to the lowest and was heading up or down. IF they were heading down I would have gone off the imatinib for a while and start over.  I went in for blood work the following two weeks and it had bottomed out and was trending up. The first week was 1.5 and second 1.7. The results were acceptable to my doctor to the point that he scheduled my next appointment in two months.

Hope this helps.

Yes, a lot of us get that low, and some of us stay there.  If it drops down to .5 the docs begin to get nervous.  When I was on Gleevec, it took me some months (and a couple of breaks, followed by lesser doses) before I settled out at 1.5.  I've stayed around that number through a switch to Sprycel and 10 years.  I never get sick!