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Rising BCR-ABL


Hi all,

apologies for repeating a common thread but I can’t find info that contains similar numbers to mine so I want to put a question out there.

I’m just over 2 year since diagnosis - Imatinib was too slow so I switched to Dasatinib (Sprycel) 100mg a year ago. 6 months ago my BCR-ABL was 0.05%, recent result was 0.07%.  Unfortunately the blood taken at the 3 month mid-point wasn’t tested because of an error at the hospital.  

Anyway, just wondering if this 0.02% rise is a cause for concern or not...?  I’m back at hospital at the end of November but should I be pushing for an earlier test?

Thanks & best wishes to all on the forum,


Absolutely of no concern whatsoever.  Completely statistically insignificant.  Well within lab error range, sample error range.  As Scuba likes to call it, the "noise" of the test.  If they tested again the same day - even the same sample - it would be different like this.  When you worry:  continuous rise over 3 tests (the better part of a year, in other words) and/or a log increase.  (That's the difference of a decimal place, like 0.01 and 0.1.)

Thank you kat73 - great to have reassurance from you.  Much appreciated!


The same thing has happened to me gone up to 0.026 from 0.009. First increase and being 're tested next month I have felt so much better and I really don't want to change medication.