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Hi all,

I have a quick question about my blood tests. I was diagnosed 6 months ago, and I'm on Tasigna. Last PCR (3.5 months) was 0.32%, which is pretty good. I am now waiting for my results of the 6 month test.

In the meantime, I had some blood work done. It seems that my WBC is stable during the last few months, around 9 - 9.5 10^3.

However, in my recent results I saw that the eosinophils are slightly elevated, 5.7% (with a threshold of 5%), and 0.54 10^9/L as an absolute number (with 0.4 being the threshold). I'm trying to reach my doctor for a general explanation of my results, and I will point this out.

Should I be worried? What's the role of eosinophils in CML?



Hello Koralia,

I don't think you should worry about your eosinophils, since they are still very close to the normal range. My doctor have mentioned to me that increased eosinophils should alert us, since they are related with the CML but that was before my first BCR-ABL measurement. Your last BCR-ABL is great and also the weather is still a bit warm in Greece so it might me an allergic reaction.

I don't remember the actual number, but it had happened to me in past to have slightly increased eosinophils.

Hopefully, your doctor will confirm that you shouldn't worry about that.



Hi Labros,

Thanks for the reply

Well, my doctor indeed told me :"you worry too much"!

This woman, she is great, answering all kinds of weird questions, although I can be a pain in the a**!! But as she sais, there are no stupid questions.

Let's wait for the new pcr then :-)