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Tasigna side effects, please advise


Hello, after 1 year and 8 months on Tasigna 600 mg my last PCR was 0,019,this its good so far, butt i am confrunting with some side effects like constipation, bloating, some gastro reflux, insomnia, tinitus( the reason i switch from imatinib, but now its less noisier, acceptable ), ok i manage this so farr, butt i have a prostate inflamation(of unknown origin after all the test) which i have treatet with succes a few times, butt always come back, first i was thinking it appeared from sitting on the chair to much, then maybe infection or weight lifting, with time i eliminated all the posibilty, now i suspect tasigna its the cause,can by that?? i dont fiind nothing on the internet...

I have had tinnitus on both nilotinib and dasatinib.  It was quite bad early on the dasatinib but has come down after a dose reduction.  I can live with it at the current level.  I also have insomnia problems.  I'm not sure how much of that is stress.  My gut did not like the nilotinib.  I worked out a careful schedule of what I could eat and when, and included Rolaids midday when it would not interfere with the nilotinib.  Any foods likely to upset my gut I ate at lunch when I could take the Rolaids.  

Thank you for your response,butt i have problems with the prostatitis, rest of the side effects i mention are menageble,i think about to switch nilotinib with a low dose of dasatinib, butt my doctor disagree. What its your last PCR and curent dose of dasatinib?