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Bcr abl result after 6 months


Hi everyone 

well I got my first bcr abl result after 5 and a half months and it is 0.15%, so I wanted to know is it normal, good or very good , depending on your personal experiences. I had 42% at the time of diagnosis.

one more thing I am having immense hair loss, did hair cut also but it’s really bad and it’s not stopping at all.Has anyone had the same experience, if yes then how long it takes to settle and when does the hair grow back ☚ī¸.

Hi there,

haha yes that’s a very very good result after 6 months (the guideline are less than 1.0% at 6 months) I am at 0.118% after 19 months. I was late late late chronic phase and thus had heavy disease load. 

You are doing fantastic nothing to worry about and you’ll be MMR in no time. You practically are their now. I’d celebrate 😃

Hair thinning is common of all TKIs but mine has been negligible on Nilotinib. It would help if you could say what medication you are on. We assume Imatinib or Gleevec?

All the best



Thank you 😊 

May we all get a good MMR soon.

Yes I am taking imatinib and i hope hair loss will settle soon.