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Imatinib Side Effects - Brittle/Cracked Finger Nails


Hi All,

Ive been on Imatinib for ~2.5yrs. Of lately I’m starting to observe that I’m starting to develop dry / brittle / cracked nails. Started on my index finger, and now my third and forth fingers are affected as well. Is this something normal? Or is there something I need to supplement on to improve this condition? 

thanks for your kind respond.

I also have that happen a little bit, mostly on my big toes.  Not aware of any supplements that might help. Sorry

It might be useful to seek some tests of

Vitamin D,Vitamin B12

Folates and Ferrin (Iron)

Long term use of tki s can modify some of the red cell dimensions and then of course there is diet so my suggestion is before taking loads of supplements on a blind basis first see where you may have any deficiencies-if there are issues then these may be addressed.

Best wishes


I also have this problem. Right now it is just on my thumbs. I am using Bert's Bees cuticle cream, and a coat of clear nail polish. These are not cures but they seem to be helping somewhat.