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hsCRP levels


Hi all,

Question on hsCRP:

My levels have been around 0.8-0.9 mg/dl for the last 3 lab tests (Sept, Nov, Feb), with a normal value of <0.3mg/dl according to my lab.


So what's with this one? Should I be worried? Is it an indication for some heart issues coming up?

I'm on Nilotinib since June (8 months), and 33 years old.



CRP - I only remember that one because it was a topic of constant conversation with doctors when my twins lived in the hospital. It’s a marker for inflammation if I remember rightly and I think it is a cause for concern if it’s suspected to be related to your heart.

From a quick search, there appears there might be some link between nilotinib and atherosclerosis (arterial problem). 

What did your doctor say about it? Perhaps a referral to a cardiologist might be in order? If there’s a suspicion nilotinib is causing this, I guess you could look at a switch to another TKI.


Hi David,

My doctor disregards this as a non-issue. Specifically for the last reading, I think it is also kind of expected, because all readings are a bit high due to the flu (WBC 10.4, ESR: 21, hsCRP: 0.99 mg/dl).

I will ask her again when we get in touch, and press on this issue to understand at least what it means.



Well I imagine flu could certainly increase CRP - stands to reason I guess but I’m no expert. Keep an eye on it, and if your doctor isn’t fussed about it make sure you get a really good understanding why. If it doesn’t go down over time and there’s a nagging voice in the back of your mind, listen to it and get seen. We are fortunate that we have many treatment options nowadays.