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Side effects


In November my BCR was 0.006%.
Doing the test again in February.
Since i was diagnosed i have noticed a change in my menstrual cycle. I go months without my period.

I am taking Gleevac 400mg. Is this normal?

Hi Justina,
I had many abnormalities in my period cycle six months after being on TKI treatment, the only difference is that I am on nilotinib.Things now are much better but not perfect as before TKI.My doctor said that TKI can cause changes in hormones therefore changes in menstrual cycle but I would advise you to visit also your gynaecologist just to be on the safe side.

I am on 50 mg dasatinib and have seen huge changes in my period, but in my case more frequent and heavier as a result of the medication.  From what I’ve read, it’s not uncommon with TKI treatment to see unusual cycles. I would definitely talk to my doctor about it but hopefully my experience (and others on here) gives some peace of mind....

funny thing is that I did not experience this at a higher dose of dasatinib but maybe this was a late development after a little time on the medication.  

How old are y'all?  It's very common to have these changes in the decade before menopause.  They even have a name for it: perimenopause.  The 40's are not kind to women.  Average age for menopause is 50.  Uterine fibroids can become an issue during perimenopause.


First, congratulations on such a low PCR result. From what I have read, imatinib induced amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) may be a side effect of therapy, but is certainly not a common one, however, this may be due to underreporting.

It is would be best to talk to your haematologist about this as it may well be due to imatinib therapy as you say you have noticed this effect since diagnosis. As others have suggested it could equally be due to another issue. Your hormones may well be out of balance or you may be underweight or entering menopause.