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Dasatinib not just for CML?

I have always thought dasatinib (and TKI's in general) is a toxic drug that we work to get off of as soon as practical.

Perhaps I may continue to take dasatinib intermittently even if I no longer "need" it for CML.


Senolytics decrease senescent cells in humans:

Preliminary report from a clinical trial of Dasatinib plus Quercetin in individuals with diabetic kidney disease"

Senolytic cells are those cells that accumulate in the body that no longer function as intended and do not divide. They are the opposite of cancer in that they are suppose to divide and function, but no longer do. Instead, they pump out cytokines (proteins) which add to inflammation and otherwise contribute to aging. Senolytic cells are what help us to get old ("help" in not a good way). Fasting does impact senolytic cells as the body begins to break these cells down for "parts", but only marginally.

The report above suggests that dasatinib coupled with quercetin can be a potent tool to cause senolytic cells to self destruct (apoptosis) in dramatic fashion. And because the effect is long lived, dasatinib does not need to be taken long term, but in a hit and run fashion. This is something that non-CML people could do for longevity. I can envision a day when dasatinib goes off patent and drug makers mass produce a low cost version for this purpose.

Imagine that.

You did it again Scuba. Can't remember the last time I read anything like this article. 

Sure TKI's are toxic, but confronted with CML... we reach for them as our life savers. However, reading this kind of article, makes you think, especially as this was an open label trial, as opposed to one conducted only on cute little mice: Very cautiously, a large dose of Dasatinib was given, but for 3 days only.

I am very far from TFR, having achieved PCRU - finally - only last month; after 5 months on  Dasatinib. (DX October 2017).

But I can see how you are having second thoughts about you stopping the drug for good when the time comes. I am sure you will have some illuminating discussions with your oncologist regarding this.

I might even show this article to my oncologist, see what she says.

Thanks again Scuba.



Thanks Sandy, I found the comprehensive list of Natural sources of Quercetin  particularly helpful. Many of the items on the list are already incorporated into our daily diet, but after reading the list, will now add some more. Will skip the hot peppers though...!


Thank you, Scuba.

Google will translate the article below from  German to English.

Anti-ageing: On the way to the Fountain of Youth?

... researchers have found evidence for some substances that they can potentially prolong the lifespan. These include, among others, the approved drugs dasatinib, acarbose, the beta-blockers nebivolol and metoprolol as well as acetylsalicylic acid.

Also note the discussion around metformin.


It is indeed encouraging that dasatinib may present some additional benefits for users.

Dasatinib almost certainly saved my life following CML diagnosis. Interesting that it may actually help extend it. I have always been keen on stopping therapy because of dasatnib's toxicity. But perhaps some man made chemicals are life enhancing, not just life saving. You know - like Scotch .... life enhancing. And wine ... life enhancing. And taking no chemicals holding my wife's hand ... life enhancing. Beating my friends at poker ... life enhancing. Taking dasatinib .... life enhancing?