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Need suggestions from scuba and others.Wrongly switched from glivec to nilotinib.can i come back to glivec

Hello scuba and everyone. i'm Karthikeyan.
Diagnosed cml in January 2015.this forum is really helpful to newcomers.thanks for the service.i was taking imatinib 400 mg until unusual fish test changed my pcr results
2015 December. 0.04. fish test negative
2016 December. 0.06. Fish test negative
2018 February. 0.0017
but the fish test showed 50% positive.
Went for fish test again.result was 20% positive.
Since then switched to nilotinib 400mg twice.
My questions are
1. I read pcr test is more accurate than fish test.then why doctor changed my tki because of fish results.
2. I heard once patient reaches complete cytogenetic response there is no need to take fish test everytime.but why my doctor always ask to take pcr and fish both together.
3. I believe my fish tests were wrong and i want to change my tki back to imatinib.

Imatinib suits my body condition and also nilotinib costs much higher than imatinib.

Help me with your suggestions.thank you.

Your PCR results are excellent. The FISH results make no sense and are likely erroneous. It's not possible for your PCR to be near "undetectable" and FISH be 50%. Ask your doctor to explain the biology to you. Perhaps the PCR result is a problem? Either way, it needs to be sorted out.