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What happened to Bafetinib?


Bafetinib (N-187) which is an inhibitor of BCr-Abl was developed as an experimental drug in Japan and then licensed for development by Cayman Chemical in USA after being given orphan drug status in 2007 for the treatment of CML.Phase II trials took place 2010 but Caymen suspended further development in 2013 pending a co developer coming on board.

Apparently it was used for the treatment of CLL (Sandy you referred to this) and it had potential for curtailing the growth of hormone refractory prostate cancer-which is a last line treatment in difficult cases.

Does anyone have any information on the drug ? I suspect that it was crowded out by the development of the 2 nd generation tkis and as it was not able to cover the rare mutation that Ponatinib a 3rd generation tki  might respond to, it was not a candidate for further development.

One further case is that of Radotinib that when developed in S Korea gave a better response to CML than imatinib;however it never became available outside of Korea in the US and European markets.

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