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Mouth ulcers


Has anyone had mouth and throat ulcers on treatment What works best to combat them ?

I had numerous ulcer outbreaks when I was on full dose Tasigna. For the ulcers, try magic mouthwash.  Magic mouthwash requires a Rx, but doesn't have a standard formula. It usually contains at least three of these basic ingredients:

An antihistamine or anticholinergic agent, which may help relieve pain
A local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort (usually lidocaine)
An antacid that helps ensure the other ingredients adequately coat the inside of your mouth
An antifungal to reduce fungal growth
A corticosteroid to treat inflammation
An antibiotic to kill bacteria around the sore

Also, another Rx is fluocinonide that can be applied directly on the sore to reduce the duration.  Finally, you might try 1000 mcg instant dissolve Vitamin B-12 once per day.

Thanks for that Is magic mouthwash an American preparation ? If so where can it be obtained in the UK or what is the UK equivalent


I had a bout of mouth ulcers they are very sore. my McMillian nurse advised me to buy Igu gel gives great relief from mouth ulcers. it puts a shield around and over the sore. you can purchase it from local Boots the chemist cost around £6.00 for an 8g tube.  also try pharmacist in a local supermarkets. it does go along way and it works.



Thank you I will try this igu gel I have had diflam mouthwash and acyclovir tablets ,one week ago some improvement but still very sore

Hi Jacqueline, 

I got instant relief. the instructions in the box advise you sweep across the area. its quite a funny texture. I found it worked it puts a film over the ulcer/ sore. good luck.   


I have had mouth issues since the end of January. Like a rough feeling on the sides of my mouth, and sore tongue. After 2 treatments for thrush, I was off imatinib for 2 weeks. My mouth improved by about 60%. I have been back on the med for 9 days and the problems are returning. Have others found relief from stopping the med temporarily? For how long? Did the mouth problems return when medication was started again? Did anybody switch meds?


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