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Imatinib and Coronavirus

I just found a scientific paper that suggests Imatinib may be effective in defense against Coronaviruses. It's not specific to COVID-19, but still

Wow that is super interesting. Only the other day I had the thought “I wonder if being on TKI blocks the way Coronavirus works” May be that’s fictional and not correct on my part but very interesting to actually see a paper on it.

Be cautious here. I asked about the general thinking on this and got this answer ...

" They used 10 uM of imatinib in their experiments. Probably an off-target effect and not clinically achievable."

I have had a few nasty diseases in my 70 years, but I have never had influenza. I may be one of those few, those lucky few, who are naturally immune to the Coronavirus family. I am also taking imatinib for CML. Maybe, whoever brought this disease into the country, may have missed me in the rush, but I am not sticking my head above the parapet!