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Question to scuba and others

Hi,scuba and others.i don't find any mentioning of blast cell count both in pcr and cbc. So how do i know about my blast cells count. Does it need a separate blood test to blast cells count.

Blast cells (also termed myeloblasts) are part of the CBC report and should be listed. It is possible that when blast cells are zero, there is no entry. Blast cell count is often zero. Ask your doctor specifically what is your blast cell count.

No you do not need a separate blood test.

Blast Cells

Blast cells are immature cells, such as myeoblasts and lymphoblasts, that go on to develop into mature white blood cells.  1 to 5% blast cells are found in the bone marrow and normally go on to develop into normal cells which then populate the blood.

In CML, the blast cells found in the marrow (or blood) at diagnosis have not differentiated into normally functioning cells, and never will. If diagnosed in chronic phase CML you may not see undifferentiated blast cells any higher than 1 - 5% in the marrow. If these cells start to show up on the peripheral blood at levels above 5% and rising, this usually means you need to access treatment sooner rather than later.

If you respond well to TKI therapy the abnormal (undifferentiated) blast cell population will be very well controlled and it is unlikely that you would see them at any percentage in your blood results.

Try not to worry about blast cells. Should any percentage show in your peripheral blood the lab would certainly flag this up to your doctor.


Thank you sandy and scuba. I understood clearly from sandy ma'am's explanation.