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Generic Dasatinib in india

Sprycel patent has expired in April in generic dasatinib is available in india.the price of the bottle of 60 tablets (50 mg) is around 75 usa dollars.

'DASASHILA', Long live indian pharma.more are coming soon

Currently i'm paying $18 for 1 month 600 mg imatinib in open market.soon i will switch to dasatinib.thanks to INDIAN GOVT. & Indian pharma.we may be poor but have guts.

I don't know exactly about tasigna.i think tasigna patent expires in 2022 in india.

Which generic imatinib brand you are taking.india is also a signatory of WTO TRIPS. Its not about the guts.we are a country of billon poor to lower middle class people.we don't have other its not about guts.its about poverty and poor health care system and schemes.

Imatirel (reliance life science),cipla.
Just search about supreme court judgement about Novartis vs State of india.
Also u need to know about pharma patent law in india.there is no scope for evergreening of pharma patent in India.

Mrp for imatirel is Rs 2336.57 per 10 tabs but i get it for Rs 272,cipla Rs 486.
Mesylinib for around Rs 500.
I don't use Veenat(lots of side effects).i'm currently living in delhi.

Its not about poverty & poor health care system & schemes.its about Indianess,we don't loot the Sick ,we believe in Sewa.Cipla is biggest example of Sewa,Aids medicine for African nations by Cipla.

Thanks for your information.which generic brand has less side effects.

On the scale of 10 (less side effects)
I will give 10/10 to Mesylonib
9.5/10 Imatirel
9/10 Cipla
0.5/10 Natco (lots of side effects)

2013.... Novartis case Indian Supreme Court

The Indian supreme court has refused to allow one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to patent a new version of a cancer drug, a decision campaigners hailed as a major step forward in enabling poor people to access medicines in the developing world.
Novartis lost a six-year legal battle after the court ruled that small changes and improvements to the drug Glivec did not amount to innovation deserving of a patent. The ruling opens the way for generic companies in India to manufacture and sell cheap copies of the drug in the developing world and has implications for HIV and other modern drugs too.
Campaigners were jubilant. A ruling in Novartis's favour would have reduced poor people's access to the drug, said Jennifer Cohn, of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). "The fact that India says patents are to reward innovation as opposed to small changes does stay true to the concept of what a patent should be."
But Novartis said the decision "discourages future innovation in India". Ranjit Shahani, the firm's vice-chairman and managing director in India, said the ruling was "a setback for patients that will hinder medical progress for diseases without effective treatment options".
He said the Swiss company will be cautious about investing in India, especially over introducing new drugs, and seek patent protection before launching any new products. It will continue to refrain from research and development activities in the country. "The intellectual property ecosystem in India is not very encouraging," Shahani told reporters in Mumbai after the ruling

But Novartis said the decision "discourages future innovation in India"

Sprycel (dasatinib)
Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Approved: 2006
Indication(s): Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Sales: $2 billion (2018)
Generic(s) approved? No
Patent expiration dates in 2020: April 13 (treatment of CML); June 28 (treatment of protein tyrosine kinase-associated disorder and cancer); Oct. 13 (pediatric use); Dec. 28 (pediatric use)

Hi Vikram,
Did you reduce the dosage to 400 mg?. Are you taking drugs without skipping.


600 mg Continue....


My plan....

Next two....
June and July... Continue.... 600 mg

Aug.. Drug free....

Sept and Oct.... Reduce doss 400 mg...

My turn... Chek up... Time ( July)
BUT... I deside.... After October (diwali)
( after corona under control)....

What is the use of drug free in August.just reduce dose to 400 mg in August.why you want stop taking drug in August.i don't think not taking drug is a good idea.just reduce dosage and take it continuously.

Not final...

Only plan....

I have seconds plan....

June 600 mg..

July 400 mg

Aug 400 mg

Sept. 400 mg

Oct 400 mg....

Hello verma,
Do you know prices of various brands of generic dasatinib.why you are changing to dasatinib from imatinib.may i know your cml history.

I only know about 'Dasashila' made by shilpa pharma,its mrp is around Rs 7000-8000 but we can buy it from wholesalr-retail medical stores by around Rs 4000-5000 ,100 mg.
I was on nilotinib for 10 months & there after i'm on imatinib. Even aftet 30 months my pcr is 0.188%(is).
So i want to opt for dasanib.
Very soon many indian pharma company generic dasanib will be available.

Hii vijay kumar

You say you pay 18$ imtinib 600 mg per one month open market.


Company name???

Hello vikram

$18 imatinib brands

Reliance life science- imatirel
Hetero drugs - IMATERO

All these pharma provide low cost imatinib.

Contact your local agents.

Hello Vijay Kumar,. From which brand you got 600 mg imatinib for $18. Your information may help others.

Vijay Kumar,. How much you spent for nilotinib, while you were on nilotinib.

Hi sir....this is keerthi , i am a 18 year old cml patient from hyderabad...
Since 2011 i've been a cml patient...
I started my medication with imatinib 300mg, i've would recieve imatinib for free of cost as i was linked with novartis...but in 2019 feb , my doc just advised us to stop imatinib as they weren't giving any i was asked to take dasatinib(sprycel)140mg ...
They cost me around 17,000.every 1 month..
Its really hard to meet the medical expences for a middle class family like mine... I just saw ur thread right now and i am shocked to see that dasatinib is available in that lower could u please share me complete info about where u get these medicines for lower prices around hyderabad, india...Thank u sir

Hi ,

What heapn to imatinib, you will continue on imatanib,please tell me, imatinib had resistances are what , what you switch to distanib.


Am also from hydrabed, please msg I'll msg I'll speak to regarding tablet....

Am also from hydrabed, please msg I'll msg I'll speak to regarding tablet....

Hi keerthi,

What is the bcr / abl ratio you have, please take imatinib, ok. What heapn you.. Please tell me, if you have small resistance to imatanib go for double dise that's it...

Hello keerthi

Dasatinib patent just expired in april 2020 in india. As of now, dr.reddys lab and shilpha medicare are making dasatinib bioequvalents.

Dr.reddys cost for dasatinib is around rupees 5400 for a strip of 30 tablets(100mg).
Shilpa Medicare cost for dasatinib is 5400 for a bottle 30 tablets (100mg). bottle of 60 tablets (50mg) is rupees 5150.
Shilpa Medicare is providing patient assistance program .if you buy 2 bottles,they provide you a bottle free of cost i.e 2+1 scheme.which means you spend around rupees 3500 for dasatinib (100mg) per month.

Dr.reddy lab don't provide this scheme.but if you stress that Shilpa Medicare is giving 2+1 scheme to dr reddys representatives,they might consider giving the same scheme as shilpa Medicare is providing.just stress it.

I just switched to dasatinib from nilotinib.i buy dasatinib from shilpa medicare.shilpa Medicare is less known brand than dr.reddys but no need to worry,all generics are bioequvalents to original dasatinib.

Dasatinib 140 mg costs around 7800 rupees per month.whatever mg you take, shilpa Medicare provides 2+1 scheme for life long(they told me this scheme is life long)
Shilpa Medicare sudhir chopra general manager phone no.8879774529,. 9810703194.

For dr.reddys lab just contact their customer care number (website) they provide you representative number. Best wishes keerthy.



Ones you reply...

You take nilotinib. (8000 rs per month ?? )

Swich..... Nilotinib to dasatinib..??


Your PCR abl last report??

June 10.... Reduce dose 600 to 400 mg imtinib (continue.... no skip)

Imatirel(reliance).thanks you for your support to fellow Cmlers especially indian ones regarding dasatinib.

Imatirel(reliance).thanks you for your support to fellow Cmlers especially indian ones regarding dasatinib.

If you don't find dasatinib in Hyderabad, just inform me i will courier it for you from can also contact kartikayan, he is from South India.