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Question please


I was diagnosed last August. Have been taking Imatinab 400mg since. 

March 4 2020 BCR/ABL1 results were : E13A2 (B2A2) was 0.4891-----E14A2 (B3A2) was 4.2755

April 30th                                                 E13A2 (B2A2) was 0.6529-----E14A2 (B3A2) was 4.8859

June 8th                                                   E13A2 (B2A2) is 1.3175---------E14A2 (B3A2) is 2.9826



Can anyone explain what this may mean? Have a doctor appt in a couple of days but wondered why E13A2 is rising and last count showed rise in E13A2 but now a decrease to 2.9826? I have a hard time understanding all the medical studies and language so if someone has any idea what this could signify, please leave me a comment. Thanks!