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Tasigna : Extreme fatigue and Petechiae (CML Progressing???)


Hi All.,

I have been on tasina since 18 months and am in MMR (Jan2020). Since last 10 days i am feeling very weak and tired (extreme fatigue) and started to Petechiae rash on the skin since couple of days.

I am almost feeling same like i was before diagonsis. I am very worried and afraid if my CML is progressing??

Appreciate you quick thoughts.

You are in MMR what you are experiencing are symptoms of Tasigna I am afraid. I have the same issues but the bouts of fatigue seem to cycle. You’re not progressing i am sure of that and I’ve been on Tasigna for 26 months and not MMR so you are technically doing better than me.

Your petechia is listed as a common symptom and I too have this all the time I’ve been on Tasigna

This whole ordeal takes time to adjust and to accept. Some day’s, weeks and months are harder than others. This disease if you let it is a mental head f@&k. Hang in their you’re doing fine.


Thanks Alex.

Is it okay to drink Citrus fruit juice (orange pineapple) when on nilotinib?

Yes it’s fine. Just avoid what it says in the form ie no grapefruit, Seville oranges (the kind that makes marmalade), I believe also pomegranate, but you’d need to it copious amounts for it to be an issue. You are doing well and your side effects should ease with time or lessen. 

Hello .this is what I have tried and it works..stay lots of food with iron .drink lots of water daily .have your doctor check you phosphorus and phosphate .and vitamin d and iron level on monthly basis .try to walk twenty minutes daily .talk to people whom are positive and stay away from negative people .and you will be fine .all tiki cause fatigue.

Hello .i had the same issues .have your doctor change your medication to a different tki .it seem you have allergic reaction from it .hope you feel better soon .

I also felt very tired on Tasigna but I did the tests for Vitamin D3 and they came out very low .
I supplemented with vitamin D3, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and I feel very good now.

You do not say how low you D3 status was. It takes some time to increase D3 (week/months depending on daily dose). The following article from Orthomolecular news may be of interest to some:

'How we can fix this pandemic in a month'