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Hello every one .have lots of side effects from 

gleevec .

found a solution =eat lots food contains iron .

Your comment is of interest because iron intake through diet promotes healthy red blood cell development and especially maintains good levels of hemaglobin.Some have suggested that adequate iron levels are needed to maintain a  healthy musculo skeletal system;in this respect I can understand that an iron deficiency might lead to muscle weakness and be an issue in respect of the musculo-skeletal issues that some tki s create.Apparently  for some reason iron deficiency is often experienced by female athletes.

The normal dietary sources of iron are found in lean red meat and some leafy vegetables .Regarding the taking of supplements we are told that in excess they might be harmful such as in the case of iron overdose contributing to some gastric issues, possible diabetes and contribute to  liver cancer.

I have started taking a small liquid iron supplement every day as I tend to avoid many animal products and especially red meats;as well I hope that it might help with some of the cramps and muscle issues that seem to be a side effect of imatinib.

Best wishes